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Figuring out how to sell online all on your own can be intimidating. I mean, there are just so many questions; where do you sell? How to convince people to buy? Where to market your products? How to actually receive money from people and process payments? How to handle credit card info? And so on.

Don't worry, though, we're here to answer these questions for you, and help you learn how to sell online in an effective manner – aka in a way that convinces people to buy!

Here's everything you need to know about how to sell software, music and eBooks online.

1. Choose the right e-commerce platform:

If you are willing to sell online, the first thing to consider on your to-do list is finding an e-commerce platform where you can conveniently sell and buy music, eBooks and other software. An e-commerce platform is a specialized website that allows clients to buy your products or services which may include selling of music, eBooks, software, music distribution, selling of digital products and making digital downloads. The e-commerce platform will remind you in form of text anytime you have a new order. If you are thinking of how to sell and buy digital products online and you don’t have quality e-commerce solution at your fingertips, it is really going to be risky and stressful. 

Knowing the right e-commerce platform to choose when buying and selling of digital product can either make or mar your online store. Hence, one has to be very careful in selecting the platform to work with. After all, you don't want to start your online stores with transaction difficulties, customers' ordering problems and setting wrong shipping details or security breach etc.

2. Do make arrangements for mobile users:

When setting up an online store where customers can sell their website and music etc. it is advisable to make adequate arrangements for users that will be exploring the website with their mobile phone. The store should either possess application that enables users with PC and mobile devices log-in access to the site. In fact, mobile device users should be given priority when citing a new online software distributing platform. This might look a bit off but mobile is actually the end-all and be-all of learning how to make progress as regards selling online. The fact remains, more users access the website and internet as a whole via the mobile than the desktop and laptop computer combined.

Just of recent, update released by Google in their algorithm enables their “mobile index” the most important index for the entire search engine. This simply means Google now makes use of the mobile content of your website when analyzing your search engine position.

3. Make an awesome first impression:

In order to be a pro when it comes to buying and selling of digital products online, one of the important things to put in place is to make sure your users keep on clicking. This is achieved only when your website is engaging and fun to surf. It takes sub-seconds for most website users to decide if they want to quit surfing a website or remain in the site.

You need to be as innovative as possible. The innovation can come in form of the name of your store or the header ascribed to your products or the orderliness in the listing of the product and services rendered on the platform.

Because the first impression matters a lot and can last for years, you really want to be as unique and memorable as possible while still being in line with the purpose and aim of your site and how you want to go about selling digital products online.

4. Photos should be added to the site:

It is believed that what you see creates a long-lasting impression than what you read or hear. Customers will remember approximately 80% of what they see on the website and an approximately 20% of what they read. Photos or info-graphics can be used to explain how to go about choosing online stores where one can download, buy and sell software, music and all other online goods. This will help increase the rate at which customers visit the site and also help to increase the time they will spend on the website. If and only if the design of the info-graphics id very attractive.

5. The site navigation should be top-notch:

If you are looking for a site to buy and sell your products, you will want the one that offers a stress-free navigation process. This allows you to find what you are looking for at a much easier rate.

The following strategies have been proved to be highly effective and easy to apply:

a) You can add a category titled “What's new”

For those that you have worked within the time past, they might want to check back for the new inventions or the new software, music or eBooks available for sale. Hence, they can view all this via what’s a new category which can be included in your main navigation so as to make it more prominent.

b) Keep your product page Optimized

This simply implies that you add keywords of what your page is all about. If you are buying the software from a site or you want to download music, eBooks or other digital products, they should be indicated as keywords on that site. But one has to be careful because once the keywords are too much or bastardized, the main aim of optimizing the keyword becomes irrelevant. Important product keywords should be added to the images in headers which in turns help customers understand what is being done on the site and how they can get what they want via the site.

6. Make sure your idea is unique:

When it comes to buying and selling of digital products, users are always interested in what is new. They want to be the first to explore the newness of a product. They want to be the first to get that music on their playlist. They want that eBook as soon as it is up for download. Knowing all the aforementioned, customers will only visit sites where all their needs would be met. When diving into the e-commerce space, you should know you are joining a highly competitive platform where it is very simple to lose track among several thousand stores with similar services. Hence, it is pertinent to build a unique presence and offer different from what others are bringing to the table. To make achieving this easier, check out more info on Instagram, Amazon, Pinterest or Etsy. Ponder what you can do to create a similar vibe and use it to present your business effectively.

7. Develop a strong and Unique Selling Proposition:

You might want to ask questions like, why do you have to build a unique selling proposition? There are millions of e-commerce websites known. That is very correct. If you want your online store to stand out of the diverse stores we have online, you have to create a strong and unique selling proposition.

Every successful Online distribution store has that unique feature that distinguishes them from others. If you really want your online store to stand out, you must be ready to go extra miles. Sit down and figure out what you have to do and put in place to achieve the best and stand out. All you have to do is evaluate, check your competitors-what are they lacking? Can you implement what they are lacking in your own store?

8. Begin blogging:

When you begin to blog, the rate at which users will visit your store will increase. The increment can be up to 50% and you begin to have more leads and more downloads as the time goes on. This will also help generate revenue and create more traffic on the website as a whole. One of the things to put in place when you begin blogging is

Publish more often!:

9. Make sure you're *About Us* page is mind-blowing:

Note that your About Us page is the window that leads directly to your site. You might want to make it fresh and appealing always to new customers. Most of the new customers go through the about us page even before reading what the website is all about.  Make the About us page very catchy and appealing to new customers. It is an online store where music, eBooks and software can be downloaded and sold. All this should be implemented into the About us page. Also, remember to make it short and meaningful because most customers lose interest immediately they see the word count is above 500 words maximum. An updated, well-organised and honest About Us page can lighten curiosity in the minds of intending users. You can as well begin to generate diverse impromptu sales from new subscribers who were just surfing a few minutes ago.

10. Payment Portal:

One of the difficulties users goes through when surfing online stores to either get their Books, music or software is the payment method. There are a lot of challenges users go through as regards the payment which ranges from the debit card details issue or the unavailability of the payment portal page. Since most payments are done online, the payment portal should always be available 24/7 so as to enable a quick transaction when customers want to pay, pre-order or order for their products.

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